Jay Khatri

Hi, I’m Jay. Thanks for visiting my site 😀. I’m a student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University.


I have interests in hardware and software co-design, software architecture and robotics. I like to say that I have a pretty unique background, which is well reflected in my projects.


In high school, I was a captain of the 2015 FTC World Championship Robotics team, and at the time, I had a strong focus in mechanical design and electronics. Since then, I’ve taken an interest in software engineering, having done a few interships ranging from full stack development to web infrastructure. In my coursework, I especially enjoy classes related hw/sw co-design, algorithms and operating systems.

Recent Experience

At recent jobs, I’ve especially enjoyed working on small teams and being able to contribute product decisions as an engineer. I’ve had recent internships at Handshake, Google, and Deepmind.

Let’s Chat

Wanna learn more or get in touch? Feel free to shoot me an email at me@jaykhatri.com or take a look at my resume.