Jay K.
Hi, I'm Jay. I'm an engineer and product designer.

I'm working on Highlight.

Here's a blog.
In school, I had interests in hardware/software co-design, software architecture and robotics. After taking a few jobs throughout college, I developed a deep interest in web infrastructure and developing the future of the internet.
Most recently, I worked on Reploy (product hunt, hn), where I built/designed the product and drove sales from 0 -> $3k MRR in 3 weeks. At its core, Reploy used kubernetes to schedule ephemeral environments.

Before that, I spent time working on product at Handshake, anti-abuse infrastructure at Google, and most recently on machine learning infra at Deepmind. In high school, I was a captain of the 2015 FTC World Championship Robotics team, which started my wanderings in tech.
Wanna get in touch? Follow/dm me on twitter, shoot me an email at j [at] jaykhatri.com or yell my name really loudly (it works, I promise).